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Dispense Adhesive

die attach

Thermal Curing
Adhesion for image sensors requires a low-stripping percentage. therefore die-attach adhesive needs high adhesion and low stress.

Taekwang Fine Chemical’s D-series adhesive has low-temperature curing and low-stress properties, so It is good at die attach
Furthermore, low-warpage of D-series is suitable to attach a high pixel Image sensor.

Taekwang’s D-series adhesive shows various properties for interacting multiple parts in a camera module.

  • Low shrinkage
  • Low-temperature curability
  • Excellent adhesion for Si die
  • Controlled modulus for low stress die attach
Product Application Viscosity
(cps @25℃)
Ti Tg
Work life
Curing Condition Property
D8021 Image sensor attach 7,000 5.0 28 3 120℃ 120sec snap cure Fast Curing
Low modulus
Low viscosity
D8022 Image sensor attach 15,000 5.0 38 3 120℃ 120sec snap cure Fast Curing
D8041 Image sensor attach 32,000 3.0 48 3 120℃ 120sec snap cure
85℃ 30min oven cure
Fast Curing
High viscosity